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What I am working on

Open-Minded Uplifting Network (O.M.U.N.)

Project with the ambition of summoning greatness out of individuals, small & medium sized organisations, so as to help each other in building a better world

We all feel very small, & I will do my best to connect people & projects together so that they may thrive without a middle man profiting & communication conflicts

EMP Sports

Our health has always been of high importance in spite of how many of us have taken up bad habits

We plan to help people & organisations implement better nutritional & physical solutions to everyday life

This will be developed by combining biomechanics & eco-responsibility with personalised technologies



Seplan (SEed PLant Animal)

The concept here would be to create an organisation which would extend to multiple fields

Interior design, eco-tourism, eco lodging, local & international cultural education.

There is no better way to experience the wonders of each culture than to follow their daily lives, & creating opportunities for them to grow to make their own experiences of your culture. Helping our planet is our responsibility

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