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What I am working on

Open-Minded Uplifting Network (O.M.U.N.)

Project with the ambition of summoning greatness out of individuals, small & medium sized organisations, so as to help each other in building a better world

We all feel very small, & I will do my best to connect people & projects together so that they may thrive without a middle man profiting & communication conflicts


4 Projects living under 1 roof.

4 Place de la Fraternité, 93100, Montreuil, France.

La Caverne d’Art&Miss (an Art gallery with Art classes and events)

La Maison de Bastet (A nice cosy space where Art therapy and life coaching takes place in a very creative manner)

Moustik Steamlight (A dark place where light seems to stretch out from sci fi figures in a steampunk era)

Levelcro (non physical, yet ever so present in organising and creating the links between the 3 physical spaces and this cyberworld we all live in)


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